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Monday, August 29, 2011  by mcmanus

Depending on where you live in New England, hurricane Irene may be viewed as a disappointment from a storm thrill seeker's perspective or a major storm that caused massive power outages, tree damage and major flooding from the perspective of property owners.  Regardless of individual interpretation, there' s no question that Irene left her mark throughout New England, particularly in the recently hard hit areas in and around Springfield, Mass.  I sincerely hope that those without power get it restored soon and that the damage from downed trees and flooding is remediated quickly and smoothly and efficiently. 

If anyone has storm stories and/or pictures they wish to share, please forward them to me and I'll be sure to post them on the blog.

Also, a vehement reminder to all tournament directors...please forward me any and all tourney descriptions and I will be happy to post them here on the nefa blog prior to the event.  Without this precious information, I can only post about the time and date of the event, nothing more, so don't short change your event...send me the info! top Top

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