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Summer Time & The Livin's Easy 

Friday, August 9, 2013  by mcmanus

It's Summer 2013 and the NEFAland tournament season is in full throttle.  From NY/NJ to Northern Maine, there are NEFA points tournaments nearly every weekend, so check out the tournament thread in the NEFA DISCussion forum for details on upcoming events.  Speaking of events, we are just around the corner from The Vibram Open the crowning National Tour Event of the year at Maple Hill DGC in Leicester, MA

Come check out the Vibram Open festivities running from August 21rst to the 25th.  Watch the country's top pros and NEFAland's best compete against each other on the challenging Maple Hill Golds layout

Summer time also means road tripping, along with beaches, BBQs and beer of course.  My most recent road trip was to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park at the end of July.  Given my inability to take a vacation without a disc golf stopover, my girlfriend and I planned a route to Bar Harbor via Monmouth and Sabattus.  Our first stop was to the Beaver Brook Campground in Monmouth for a 1 night camping stayover on Lake Androscoggin.  The campground is set in a beautiful location complete with a nice brook running through the center and plenty of sites right on the water.  

Photo    Photo  Photo

 More importantly, Beaver Brook is home to the oldest disc golf course in New England.  A Steady Ed Headrick design, the course is short by standards; however, it contains that classic twisting, turning, rather nonsensical but highly technical Headrick
layout, very similar to Hunt's Mean 18 at Rindge, NH...another Ed Headrick course. 

Photo   Photo   Photo

Our next stop took us to the Town of Sabattus, Maine.  Travelling down Bowdoinham Rd through Sabattus, you see the typical Maine landscape on either side of the road...endless stretches of forest, interrupted by the occasional farm or meadow. Then, like a shining beacon, we see this giant disc golf basket water fountain welcoming us to Sabattus DGC  Do you remember that feeling you had as a kid when you were getting ready to board a new roller coaster or some other thrill ride at the amusement park?...that's the same feeling I got pulling into the parking lot at Sabattus...nose pressed against the car window like a dog that just spotted a fat, juicy cat outside....I couldn't wait to check things out!  

Photo              Photo               Photo

Impeccably groomed, signed and situated, Sabattus contains 3 completely separate courses that branch off the main parking lot in every direction.  Centered by a really nice and modern pro shop that has everything disc golf related under the sun, the 3 courses (Eagle, Hawk and  Owl) cater to all different ability levels with the Eagle being the most challenging and the Owl a short pitch/putt, family friendly 9 hole layout.  

As expected, Sabattus did not disappoint.  We played the Hawk Course first, a nice mix of short, medium and long holes combining open fields with woods and some areas of bordering creek beds.  Granite sign posts, wood chips and stone dust throughout, the Hawk was a visual treat.  My girlfriend managed to get her first birdie on a 177' par 3!  The staff was very helpful and friendly.

Photo   Photo  Photo           Photo

Both Sabattus and Beaver Brook were well worth the trip and combining the two makes for a really nice disc golf road trip.  We played a few holes on the Owl Course before heading back on the road to Bar Harbor and Acadia.  

Hole 1 Acadia DGC: 15,000 ft par 100 from Cadillac Mtn to Bar Island  (a guy can dream can't he?)

If you have any disc related stories you'd like to share, hit me up at and I'll post em on the blog.  Enjoy the rest of the Summer and see you out on the course! top Top > Comments   (2 comments)

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