NEFA is an organization dedicated to promoting disc golf and related frisbee sports in the New England area. We strive to make ourselves a positive force toward better tournament events, and growing the quality and quantity of disc golf courses in our region. Members dues support the NEFA newsletter (now in electronic form), our website at www.nefa.com, and help to sponsor tournaments large and small. NEFA funds also provide seed money for new disc golf courses. NEFA and NEFA members promote frisbee sports and activities at the grass roots level through demonstrations at clinics and shows and other outreach efforts 

The New England disc scene offers over 100 permanent disc golf courses, with more in the works. There are disc golf tournaments for all ability levels nearly every weekend of the year. There are also very strong Freestyle and Double Disc Court (DDC) communities supported by NEFA members. Supporting NEFA simply makes New England disc sports better!

Membership Benefits:

- A NEFA mini disc (first time members)

- A NEFA bag tag with your name and NEFA number

- Lifetime NEFA number

- Eligibility to earn points in  various divisions in the disc golf NEFA Points Series

- The satisfaction of supporting the growth of disc sports in our area through NEFA grants, the E.D.G.E Program (Educational Disc Golf Experience), loaner baskets and outreach events, such as the Special Olympics.

Dues Structure:

- $25 for new members

- $20 for renewals in consecutive calendar years. (See the membership form for 2008 & 2009)

- $40 for a one-household membership (one newsletter / mailing per home) (See the membership form for 2008 & 2009)

In addition, a $5 discount is available to members who sign up for three years or more, applied to each year beyond the first two years.

- $25 Gold Membership (in addition to regular membership). Gold Members choose their Gold Member number, and receive a special bag tag, as well as a specially stamped Innova Fundraiser Candy disc. Gold Membership is for life. (It doesn't make you a NEFA member for life, though).

Cash or a check payable to "NEFA" may be given to an Officer, a Volunteer or a NEFA State Coordinator, or mailed with a registration form to NEFA, PO Box 440046, Somerville, MA 02144. You may also join online via our Paypal address, paypal@nefa.com.

Additional NEFA membership information:

- Memberships are usually processed within 2-3 days.

- Once processed, you will see your membership updated online (including your NEFA member # and expiration date) Click HERE to see your membership info

- NEFA produces bagtags in batches, so it may be a month or more before you receive your membership materials

- If you have questions or problems with your membership, use the form HERE  and indicate "Membership" under "Reasons for Submission"