TD's Corner

This section of the website is meant to serve as a resource for Tournament Directors (or prospective Tournament Directors) of NEFA Points Series events. (Simply looking to have a non-sanctioned event added to the schedule? Click here!)

The first and by far most important thing that you can do before applying to run a NEFA Points Series event is to read the Points Series Charter NOTE: Link to charter temporarily removed pending release of the 2011 Points Series Charter, coming soon. All information you need should be contained within that document; be it the fees for running a Points Event, requirements (such as required divisions and mandatory access to bathroom facilities) and much more. You will also find a link to the Points Series Charter in the left-hand navigation on this page.

Upon completion of your event, you will be required to submit the results to NEFA within 48 hours. This is done using a templated MS Excel document which can be found in the left-hand navigation. Download the file and save it to your local machine - When you have finished completing the spreadsheet with the results information, you may send an email to and attach the spreadsheet to that email. The spreadsheet has instructions on how you should submit the results, but please feel free to contact us as well if you have any questions.

REMEMBER: It is critical to ask players for their NEFA Numbers when they sign up so that you may submit their information along with your results sheet. For any players who do not provide you with a NEFA Number you may feel free to look up their information at the Full Member Listing and populate the NEFA ID field in that way. Even if a player is not current, it is still important to note their NEFA Number if possible. By ensuring the players provide you with their own numbers, it creates less work for you as the TD AND benefits the players since they are responsible for ensuring they give you the correct information, which lessens the chance of a lookup error occuring if the TD had to do all the work themselves.

As questions or items of discussion arise, we will continue to update this section to assist our Tournament Directors as best as possible. Thanks for your interest in running a Points Series event!