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Points Series

One of the most popular benefits of becoming a NEFA member is the NEFA Points Series!  Tournament Directors sanction their events with NEFA by adding it to the calendar, and collect $2 per player.  These funds are collected by NEFA, post tournament, and used to pay out players in the season-ending points series and to pay out players in the New England Disc Golf Championships held every fall for the past 20+ years of NEFA's 30 years!

In order to qualify for the New England Disc Golf Championships, players must become members of NEFA and play in, at least, three sanctioned NEFA events in their respective divisions throughout the year.  The New England Disc Golf Championships has been the biggest local invite-only event for decades! 


Don't miss the next one!

Click below to see the current standings for the NEFA Points Series!

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