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NEFA GranT Programs

The mission of the New England Flying disc Association (NEFA) is to promote the growth of disc golf and related disc sports in and around New England, Eastern New York and Northern New Jersey. NEFA is a 501(c)(3) member driven organization. NEFA provides grants to educators, course development and sanctions tournaments and a point series.

     NEFA proudly offers grants for promoting the growth or improvement of free & public disc golf courses throughout New England, eastern New York and northern New Jersey.


     The grants are available for any NEFA member or group of members.  All grant funding is subject to the requirements, guidelines and criterion listed in this application as well as available funding each year.  

You can apply to this program at anytime.


     Applications may be awarded, decline or delayed. Applications are evaluated by the entire NEFA Board using a shared and standard rubric.  

     The NEFA Course Grant Program is designed to support specific disc sport materials, infrastructure and projects that help to grow disc sports for the use and enjoyment of the general public and not to fund the sanctioning of tournaments or leagues. 

     Requests and awards may be up to $1,500 per application.  Please note that the award amount may be less than the requested amount.  


Competitive Proposals Will:

     *Be accurate, complete, and full of details
     *Demonstrate strong support of NEFA’s mission
     *Be innovative, unique and beneficial to NEFA members and the general public
     *Grow the sport by encouraging increased participation for players and/or spectators, etc.
     *Support projects that create new or vastly improve existing courses 

     NEFA’s board and its membership are very interested supporting the growth of disc golf through structured educational programs for young people as we believe it supports our core mission of growing the sport. 


     This grant is intended to provide structured support to educators who want to teach young people disc golf. This support may include monetary contributions up to $500 dollars, in-kind donations, loans of equipment, curriculum material, volunteers for demonstrations, clinics, course design, and labor for course installation. 


     NEFA seeks to make the most impact with our support. The following information is necessary for us to determine if your project is right for us and what support you might need to implement this project successfully.  Thank you for your interest in providing opportunities for youth to come to know and love the sport of disc golf. Please contact any NEFA officer or your State Representative with questions about this application or program.

Requirements & Preferences

     The applicant must be an educator at a school or after-school program inside of NEFA’s area of focus (see above).  The project must have support from the School Administration. You must furnish NEFA with information about the implementation of the project for promotional purposes including pictures of people utilizing the project and numbers of participants.  Preference will be given to projects that demonstrate the following:


  • make disc golf a part of the curriculum

  • project that results in permanent courses that may be used by the public when not in use by the school program

  • impact on total number of participants or duration of participation


     The board may offer preferences to public schools, large schools, and underfunded districts.  Please feel free to contact a NEFA board member and or your NEFA State Representative about your project prior to completing the application.

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